Away Day Planner

How far will you go for your team?

Explore how much mileage you’ll put in travelling the country watching your favourite Premier League team. Click enter to discover your time and expense on the road for the 2018/19 season.


Away Day Planner is a useful tool that allows those dedicated football fans who travel the length and breadth of the country to watch their team, measure the distance and time they’ll be on the road.

The tool measures the time and distance between each stadium in the Premier League as well as working out the cost of petrol and the away ticket price for each journey fans will have to make. The data itself is built on the journey being one way. Naturally, petrol costs and mileage covered will be doubled with the return journey.

Gathering data from the AA’s Routefinder, the piece allows users to hand select the games they wish to visit, discovering the distance you’ll travel, for how long and both cumulative petrol and ticket costs, becoming the perfect planner for your season.

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